About Us

Based in Boston with regional offices in Hopkinton MA, Glastonbury CT, Providence RI, and Washington DC, The Barkan Companies provides comprehensive property management and accounting, renovation, brokerage, development and affordable housing compliance to a portfolio of residential and commercial properties throughout New England.

The Barkan Companies senior team is comprised of highly credentialled real estate professionals working in a collaborative environment for the benefit of our clients.

    The Barkan Companies
  1. Mel A. Barkan - Chairman
  2. Peter M. Barkan - Chief Executive Officer
  3. John R. Barkan - Treasurer
    Barkan Management
  1. William D. DiSchino, CPM - President & CEO
  2. Janet M. Meaney, CPM - Senior Vice President
  3. Dianne Radcliff, CPM - Senior Vice President
  4. Michael A. Feltenberger, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Vice President
  5. M. James Merski, CPA, MBA - Chief Financial Officer
  6. Gerald A. Meaney - Vice President
  7. Maria G. Palmieri, CMCA, SPM - Vice President
  8. Laura J. Waldrop, CPM - Vice President
  9. Peter Westhaver, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Vice President
    Barkan Home Services
  1. Peter M. Barkan - President
    Barkan Properties
  1. John R. Barkan - President
  2. Peter M. Barkan - Chief Operating Officer
    Barkan Compliance Solutions
  1. Gisela A. Medek, CPM - General Manager